Nursing Home Vision Resurrected

At its May meeting, our Board of Directors voted to take the next step toward a vision for long-term care on our Vernon campus – one that we have nurtured for years now. Our readers may remember that in prior years we reported on plans to transform Vernon Green – our nursing home on the Vermont
campus – from the traditional model of care that has characterized nursing homes since their inception.

Instead, we pursued what’s been called the Greenhouse Model for nursing home care. Part of a larger national movement, the model provides 24-hour nursing in individual home-like buildings housing 10 residents each, rather than in the institutional, hospital-like facilities mentioned above.

Dinner at a Greenhouse Nursing Home Model

Other Greenhouses around the country have demonstrated measurably positive effects of the model for the senior residents who dwell in them. After much planning and dialogue, we had previously suspended our ambitions in 2012 due to barriers in obtaining the necessary permissions from state authorities. But now, through affiliation with The Greenhouse Project there are new planning and consulting resources available to us.

Earlier this year Vernon’s leadership and staff conducted a Home Study exercise designed by The Greenhouse Project to determine our readiness for the transformations involved. The exercise focused on Vernon’s internal clinical and workplace culture. The results were positive, indicating a green light to move to the next stage in the process, which involves leadership team development, financial feasibility and culture transformation training. The study’s results encouraged our board to commit to the next – and major – step toward fulfilling our long-sought vision.

Fitting with our history of innovation, if the Vernon Green transformation is fulfilled, it will find us once again spearheading long-term care practices in our region. The undertaking will be intensive in its demands, involving state approvals, gift support and construction. But the effects will be equally powerful for those we’ve been called to serve.

We’ll keep readers updated as our planning proceeds!

What They Say

“ You are all very compassionate and caring. We appreciate all that you did. ”

- Ruth Tripp and family

What They Say

“ The patient and loving way that everyone has is contagious. Thank you all. ”

- The Bologan Family

What They Say

“ As many of you know, my mom is not one to sugarcoat anything… in fact, she can be the first to complain… my mom regularly says that she is so grateful to be cared for by such a loving group of people. ”

- Lynna Jackson, daughter of Clara Stone

What They Say

“ I appreciate so much your arranging things for me so that I could get therapy at Vernon Green. My needs were attended to very professionally by your staff. I thank the Lord for your kind and compassionate heart as you faithfully lead the work of Vernon Home. ”

- Bill

What They Say

“ Words cannot say how much we appreciate your loving care for Mom, Grandma, Grammie. You all truly became her extended family. You brought out a social and spunky side of her that would have been missed by so many if we had tried to care for her at home. ”

- Mike & Jeanne Mears