Keeping You Informed, Protected And Respected

Keeping you informed, protected and respected.

The Green House model is proving effective at keeping infectious diseases such as COVID-19 at bay.

We recently inquired with a Green House Project manager on this topic and she reported, “Unofficially we have heard that out of 243 Green House homes there are only eight with people that are positive for COVID-19.”

She also explained that two of the eight homes were mandated by their state government to take in elders who were already infected with COVID-19 to reduce caseloads at hospitals. Accepting these people was beyond the control of the two communities.

private bedrooms

In addition to private bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious common areas enable social distancing.

With their private bedrooms/bathrooms, ample open spaces, and small resident and staff populations per home, people can easily maintain safe distances when needed. The separate-home layout of a Green House community also provides physical distancing benefits.

Other features too contribute to the advantages that Green Houses have over traditional nursing homes at mitigating the spread of infection:

  • Fewer staff with less coming/going reduces the chance of importing infection
  • De-centralized dining, laundry and housekeeping
  • Low-turnover consistent staff who know their residents very well aids in early detection of disease symptoms both in staff members and residents
  • Small home size encourages going outside on the grounds to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise

What’s more, if long-term isolation is required, the deep relationships that Green House staff develop with elders help make any lock down much easier to take.

What They Say

“ You are all very compassionate and caring. We appreciate all that you did. ”

- Ruth Tripp and family

What They Say

“ The patient and loving way that everyone has is contagious. Thank you all. ”

- The Bologan Family

What They Say

“ As many of you know, my mom is not one to sugarcoat anything… in fact, she can be the first to complain… my mom regularly says that she is so grateful to be cared for by such a loving group of people. ”

- Lynna Jackson, daughter of Clara Stone

What They Say

“ I appreciate so much your arranging things for me so that I could get therapy at Vernon Green. My needs were attended to very professionally by your staff. I thank the Lord for your kind and compassionate heart as you faithfully lead the work of Vernon Home. ”

- Bill

What They Say

“ Words cannot say how much we appreciate your loving care for Mom, Grandma, Grammie. You all truly became her extended family. You brought out a social and spunky side of her that would have been missed by so many if we had tried to care for her at home. ”

- Mike & Jeanne Mears