Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Facilities Medicare And Medicaid Certified?

Vernon Green Nursing Home is a skilled nursing care facility licensed by the State of Vermont and certified to provide care that is covered by Medicare. The Green and The Hall are both licensed to care for persons who qualify to receive benefits from the Medicaid Choices for Care Long-Term Care program. (See Number 5.) Services rendered in The Birches are not covered, as it is an independent living facility.

Is There An Entrance Fee Charged When Applying To The Green?

No. Unlike some health care and retirement centers, our facilities do not require any entrance fees or payments when you take up residency. Charges are billed monthly. Security deposits equal to one month’s rent are required at The Hall and The Birches.

Do I Have To Provide Financial Information When Applying?

The Hall and The Birches are facilities that were constructed with government assistance. Eligibility for residency is based partly on one’s annual income, as are monthly rent charges, at those facilities. Therefore, we must request asset and income information from applicants to determine eligibility and to calculate monthly charges. The Green does require financial data to determine the Medicaid benefits and nursing care programs that will serve you best.

Must One Belong To A Particular Religion Or Church Group?

No. While our organization is affiliated historically with the Advent Christian General Conference of America, there are no requirements that residents, staff or children subscribe to any particular religious creed or denomination.

What Happens If I Run Out Of Money?

Before taking up residency, we ask that you evaluate your financial resources to ensure that you will be able to meet monthly rent and ancillary charges. The Green and The Hall are both Medicaid approved facilities. Medicaid will provide for those residents whose financial resources are depleted and meet the Choices for Care need eligibility requirements. We will be glad to review your situation with you at the time of application. Applications to the Medicaid Choices for Care program can be carried out by a resident’s responsible party at the local state office.


What Do I Need To Know About Choices For Care?

Choices for Care is the state of Vermont’s Medicaid program that provides eligible residents with long-term care services in the setting of their choice. Please call for more information.

Does Vernon Have Business, Medical And Banking Services In Town?

Vernon is a rural town in southern Vermont. Most residents travel to Brattleboro, a sizable town 7 miles north, for all their personal and business needs. There is also a town bus that provides scheduled transportation to Brattleboro during the week.

Is There A Waiting List?

Most of the time there is a wait for a vacancy at our facilities. The length of the wait depends on where you are applying and type of living quarters in which you are interested. Available units or a general estimate of waiting time can be given to you at the time of application.

How Much Does It Cost To Live There?

Charges vary according to the facility in which you are interested. A rate sheet for each facility will be provided at your request.

What Other Expenses Can I Anticipate Besides The Daily/Monthly Charge?

“Ancillary” charges as they are called depend on the facility you are interested in. A particular list of ancillary charges for each facility can be furnished upon request. In general, however, charges for a private telephone, guest meals and cable television programming represent most of the ancillary charges you would receive if you chose them. In most cases, there is no charge for transportation; however, please call for details.

Am I Able To Move Between Facilities On The Grounds If Needed?

Yes. The purpose of a multilevel retirement center is to provide for the needs of residents as they change without having to move to another location.

Must I Have A Car To Live There?

While having a car is not a requirement for residency, most people find it essential at The Birches where the independent living arrangement requires the ability to shop on one’s own. At The Hall, there is less need for a vehicle since meals and transportation services are provided.

Do I Need A Physician?

A qualified Brattleboro-area physician’s referral is needed for admission to The Green and The Hall. If needed, we can refer a physician to you.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

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