Positive Action For Seasonal Affective Disorder

Positive Action For Seasonal Affective Disorder People are like flowers. They bloom in sunshine. Feeling Upbeat on a sunny day is just natural. When the overcast, darker and cold winter months come along it can affect peoples moods negatively, especially seniors. This...

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Avoiding Depression After Retirement

Some relish retirement with its free time to do just as one pleases. Others fall into a funk. People who loved (or were accustomed to) their career can suddenly feel empty and lost minus the productivity and social aspects of work. Even those who disliked their jobs...

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There’s Cash Hidden In Your Home

There’s cash hidden in your home. How to find it with a reverse mortgage. Many Seniors have built sizable equity in their homes. When the need arises to raise cash for any purpose, that equity may provide the answer, and a reverse mortgage may provide a better...

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Seniors Turning To Social Media

seniors turning to social media Surveys are showing, more and more, that the older generations are connecting with family and friends, joining communities and expressing themselves on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. No doubt, seniors not too long...

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